Friday, 26 September 2014

'Crossing oceans' exhibition at European Patchwork Meeting

Crossing Oceans is a group of international artists from around the world. The theme for this exhibition was "Nature", each of the artists offered a different perspective on the theme. This exhibition was curated by Jane Rollason from the UK.
My favourite quilts from this exhibition are below. I have tried to take at least one photo of each of the artists work. I allocated myself half an hour for this exhibition and had to revise my plans, as the quilts were just stunning and deserved much more of my time.

By Frieda Anderson (US) : "Jack in the pulpit" series

By Irene McWilliams (Ireland) : 5 Flowers

By Bergen Rose (US): Peace in nature

The fibre art utilises two digital photos, one photo while travelling and the other of one of the artists paintings. The photos were printed from computer onto fabric - cotton (small appliqué) and silk organza (cow landscape). The cotton bottom layer was hand and machine stitched with batting and backing and embellishments. The top overlay is stitched only to the top and is loose, so flutters when there is a breeze.

 By Dijanne Cevaal (Australia): Olive trees

By Jane Rollason (UK): Autumn leaves

Vase of flowers

By Ineke Berlin (UK): Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn

By Kay D Haerland (Australia): Aspects of the glen: looking down
I find it hard to believe that this is a quilt, it is so like a photo, it is only when you get up close that you realise it is a quilt!

By Christine Kuhr (Germany): Lost garden:Papaver, Dandelion, Fuchsia

By Hilary Beattie (UK): Bull rushes

By Charlotte Yde (Denmark): Chaos and Order; passage of time

By Elaine Quehl (Canada): Encore series

By Pat Archibald (UK-Scotland): Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

By Lin Hsin-Chen (Taiwan): French Impressions: backyard garden in Villefranche sur Saone

There were many more quilts by these artists, I have tried to take a photo of the work that I found most interesting, but other pieces were just as worthy of looking at and it is simply not possible to take photos of every quilt. I do hope you enjoy seeing all these quilts through my lens.  Hopefully, if you were thinking of going to the EPM, but were not sure, these photos will convince you that this is a show very worthy of a visit!  


  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful art quilts. They are stunning.

  2. Inspirational Work. Superb Exhibition. Happy memories