Sunday, 30 November 2014

Houston 2014 The Quilts

I know it is a bit overdue, but here they finally are. First off, I apologise that I did not get photos of all the category winners. My photos were taken after the award ceremony and it was quite hard trying to get photos without lots of people in them. I intended to take more and better photos later on once they were on display in the main exhibition hall, but never managed to go round all the quilts on display. Some of the photos do not have all the information, if I have not given the relevant credits and you would like to add it, please let me know. Hopefully you will get a taste of the quality of work on show, so enjoy.

"Bike boys" by Lea McComas - Master award for thread artistry

"Panning for gold" Lea McComas - Art-people, portraits and figures

"Revolution 9" Robin Gausebeck - Mixed Technique 

Close up of "Revolution 9"

Another close up of "Revolution 9"
"Hurricane" Janneke De Vries-Bodzinga - Art-abstract, large

Close up of "Hurricane"


"Beneath my wing" David Taylor - Master award for Contemporary artistry

"Reptile wisdom" Karen Stone - Traditional pieced

"Eloise joins the circus" Janet Fogg - Art-Whimsical

Close up of "Eloise joins the circus"

"One fine day" Laurie Britt - Art-painted surface

"Argentum" Susan Stewart - Miniature quilts

Detail on "Argentum"

"British Garden" Anna Maria Schipper Vermeiren- Judge's choice

Detail of "British Garden"

"Springtime in the geisha's garden" Margaret Solomon Gunn - Judge's choice

Detail of "Springtime in the geisha's garden"

"Gift of appreciation" Kyoko Yamauchi -World of beauty award

"Zeruah's legacy" Barbara Korengold - Founders award

"Stars on Mars" Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison - Master award for machine artistry

Detail of "Stars on Mars"

Detail on "Stars on Mars"

"Majestic Mosaic" Karen Kay Buckley and Renae Haddadin - Traditional applique

"Majestic Mosaic"

Detail of "Majestic Mosaic"

"Magnolia" Sylvia Gegaregian - Innovative applique

Detail on "Magnolia"

"Vivaldi by moonlight" Sandra Leichner - Merit quilting, machine

Detail on "Vivaldi by moonlight"

"Fuji and Sakura" Masako Sakagami - Art-Naturescapes

Detail on "Fuji and ~Sakura"

"Georgetown wedding" Ann Peterson - Innovative pieced

Detail on "Georgetown wedding"
"Georgetown wedding"

"Admiration" Sachiko Chiba - Merit quilting, hand

"Summer wind" Marina Landi and Maria Lucia Azara - Master award for innovative artistry

"Healing waters" Hollis Chatelain - Judge's choice

"After Hadrian" Sue McCarty - Embellished

Detail of "After Hadrian" Sue McCarty - Embellished

"After Hadrian"

"After Hadrian"

"After Hadrian"

"The landing" Joanne Baeth - Art, pictorial

"On this winter day" Nancy Prince and Linda French - Best of show

 There were some absolutely amazing quilts in the exhibition, but a large number of them are not allowed to be photographed. The next photos are of some of my favourite quilts that I was able to photograph:

by Donna James 
Simply stunning!

"The inner journey" Jan Reed

"Gamilla" Sue McCarty

Detail of "Gamilla"

"Frozen Margarita" Susan Stewart

"Midnight garden" Elaine Class

"Dance to the music" Jenifer Day

"The jewel box" Anne Jones

"Poppy Pods" Judi MacLeod

"Love at first sight" Sheri Salo

"Mated for life" Sally G Wright

"Radiance" Carol Moellers

Detail of "Radiance"

"She's a wildflower" Joanna Wilczynska

"Seneca" Ferret

"Fly away butterflies" Charlotte Hickman

"Moody beach, Maine 1957" Morgot McDonnell

"More than a memory" Kathy McNeil

"Waratha" Melinda Bula

"Can you feel the spirit?" Cathy Pilcher-Sperry

"Crown jewels" Lisa Calle

"Butterfly wishes" Valeria Hill

"A little bit of this and a little bit of that" Janet Sturdevant Stuart

Detail of "A little bit of this and a little bit of that" 

"Autumn's surrender" Margaret Solomon Gunn
Detail of "Autumn's surrender"

Detail of "Autumn's surrender"

 Display of quilts in the Red and White Challenge

Spotted a "Dear Jane"

 and inside the vendor's hall:

Looking to the right from Level 2

Looking to the left from Level 2

An unforgettable experience, hoping to go again next year.


  1. Pretty awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The wholecloth star quilt was done by Donna James of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. It has been accepted into the Paducah show 2015. Donna is a friend and incredible quilt artist.

  3. What a fantastic treat to pore through this post from last year. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and taking such care to include the names.

  4. Thanks for sharing your pix. Hope to go next year before moving further away. Lucky you! Heidi