Monday, 5 May 2014

Kiwi quilt done

Kiwi quilt done
I unexpectedly had  a bit of free time this week, so got on with the quilting of the Kiwi quilt. The quilt was made with New Zealand fabrics depicting New Zealand fauna and flora.
My son requested that I outline the birds and not quilt over them and that I use an eco-friendly batting, so I decided to try bamboo.

The birds were outlined with black Glide thread, then I followed the lines of the flowers and grasses, before micro quilting the background to make the birds pop up more

The lizards and tuatara were outlined in green Glide thread, I added some highlights to the plants and grasses and the used brown Glide thread in the background to make it recede.  The rocks were not quilted as that made them seem more three dimensional

The design in the sashing is a simplified Maori design, which I stitched free hand in Flax Glide thread. I just love the little slices of kiwi fruit.

Another simplified Maori design

Silver ferns stitched in Light Grey Glide thread on the outer borders

I have used bamboo batting in this quilt, and had some problems with bearding.  It has however turned out incredibly soft despite some very dense quilting in places. Not sure I would use it again though.

The back of the quilt, the backing fabric is green Ponga Koru, although in the photo it looks more beige

Henley Arts Trail
It is that time of year again, and this time, I was actually at home and could go to see the lovely quilts on display. I have three quilts in the exhibition, "Lovesong", "Vintage Sewing machines" and "Tonight it rains".  I spent all day on Saturday as a volunteer at the  event and loved introducing some newcomers to the art of quilting, even helped someone who asked for advise on a quilt that she is making for a grandchild who lives in Australia and another one with fabric choices for a baby quilt.

Tonight it rains
Loch Lomond Quilt show
This year is the last year that this show will be on, and it is my first visit to the show. I have entered "Sea urchins'' into the show, and am really looking forward to getting some feedback on this.  Again, I will be a marshall at the show on the Friday, and I am looking forward to meeting some quilting friends that I have not seen in a while. Watch this space, as I am going to post loads of photos of lovely quilts here.
  Then on Saturday, we are setting off early to go to Malvern show, we (my husband and me) will only be there for Sunday, but on this occasion, I will not be buying, so am only interested in seeing the quilts on display.  I have of course, also entered my quilt "Kutch diamonds" into this show, so it will be nice to see my quilt hanging amongst the others and I'm looking forward to getting some feedback on my quilt.

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