Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer is here!

Radiance Challenge quilt
Seven weeks after my surgery and my surgeon has given the all clear and okay to start quilting again. First on the list was my Radiance quilt, which I have been itching to do. I marked it out, using my lightbox and despite having a cotton interfacing applied to the fabric, which is quite dark, I had no problem seeing my design on paper through the lightbox. I used a Clover Chaco liner on the outlines of the centre design and a Clover white marking pencil (fine)  on the border design, which when you first draw a line looks as if it is not showing and then magically slowly show up crisp and clear.  The quilting design is all my own, but I have  used a design by Sue Heinz, from Kismet Quilting, for my border and I think it looks perfect with the rest of the design.

Quilt loaded with practise piece next to it

 I had so much fun stitching this design, it was hard to decide which colours and which make of threads to use. In the end I just put all the matching threads on the table and decided as I went along. I used Rainbows for the little "horns" but found the thread quite thick and also dull looking against the silk in the fabric. I normally like Rainbows as it add a bit of subtle sparkle but this is not one I would use again on the Radiance fabric. I then used Glide thread for the outline of the clamshells and the star.

More Glide for the lacey-looking little swirls and minarets around the top of the "horns"

Infill stitched with Bottomline thread. In the ideal world, I would have liked to use So Fine, but as I had not ordered it in the correct colour and wanted to finish before I went on holiday, I used Bottomline, which I did have in exactly the right colour and I am really pleased with the effect. 

I had a hard time deciding what design to use in the background around the centre motif. In the end I decided to do a fine meander stitch, that would gently remain in the background, rather than do a fancy design that could compete with the central design. I am very happy with how it has turned out. 

I used "Suede" fabric by PB Textiles for my backing, doesn't it look as if it was made for a wholecloth?
I might have to get some more of this to do a "Big" wholecloth quilt.

Radiance all done

Lovely presents for quilting friends
A friend recently started selling some beautiful seam rippers. I bought one for myself and fell in love it as soon as it arrived.  Apart from looking lovely, it sits incredibly comfortable in my hand. I have now had it for a couple of months, have used it more or less daily and can't imagine that I will ever want to use another one ever again. Today I bought four more, to give to some wonderful quilting friends and I can't wait to give it to them.

The sharp end pulls out and can be put back inside so that it is hidden and safe to put inside a sewing bag - no more poking yourself on sharp ends when taking something out of your sewing bag! Also, because the colours are so unique to every one, they are instantly identifiable so you won't misplace them when taking them to a class.
If you like the look of them, look on the website, if you don't see a colour that you like, ask, as not all the colours are on the website and Lynda is very accommodating.


New projects:

While I was recovering from my operation, I was unable to use the HQ, but as soon as I was able to, I started working on 2 new quilts. Here are some teasers:

As yet, no name


This week we are off to France for our family holiday, we have had some very hot weather in the last 2 weeks, positively tropical! and the forecast for France is even hotter than what is forecast for here for the next week. I did not think I would ever say this, but there has been days when it was too hot to even sew. 
When I get back, it will be Festival of Quilts and I will meet up with lots of quilting friends, I will be quiet for a while but promise to post some lovely quilt photos on here when I get back
Hope everyone is having a lovely summer 

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