Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Highlights of the trip to Japan

Mount Fuji from my hotel room 

We have been in Japan for only 11 days but seen so much and done so much that I will just give a brief summary here of what we have seen and done.

Beautiful gardens:

Ninomaru Garden at Nijo Castle

Strange shaped trees at Ryoan-ji temple

Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavillion)






Itchiku Kubota Museum garden

Garden at Orinasukan museum

Temples and shrines:

Nijo castle

Kinkaku-ji temple (Golden Pavillion)

Meiji shrine

Torii gate at Meiji shrine

Torii gate at shrine at Asakusa

Lanterns lining way to Kasuga Taisha  shrine

Torii gate at Kasuga Taisha shrine

Shrine in street in Gion district

Support structure of kiyomizu temple

Torii gate at Itsukushima shrine on Miyajima island

Asakusa temple

At Asakusa


Statue at Ryoan-ji Temple

At Ryoan-ji temple


Daibatsu, a colossal  gilded bronze Buddha, 15 meters tall at Todai-ji temple

Buddha at Kiyomizu temple


Heron at Kikaku-ji temple

Sika deer at Nijo castle

Sika deer in street by Nijo castle 

Every day life:

Tree pruning

Fixing a support at the Itsukushima shrine during low tide

School girls

Vending machines everywhere

Orchids at a florist shop in Kyoto

Ladies wearing traditional kimono in Kyoto

Students dressed up in order to earn pocket money at Kiyomizu temple

Wedding procession at Meiji shrine

Children on their way to school

Trainee Buddhist monk

Garden outside Starbucks next to Karasuma Kyoto hotel

Houses in Kyoto

Restaurant on Miyajima island


Shop in Kyoto station 

Plums in abundance

Fresh vegetable counter

Baby eels for sale - gave this one a miss

Beautifully presented smoked salmon

Omotesando - guess they are selling trainers? 

Fans in Kyoto

Wonderful cake shop in Tokyo


Geysers at Owakaduni Valley

Eating eggs boiled in       at Owakaduni - each egg eaten lengthen your life by 7 years

Ropeway (cable car) at Owakaduni

Musical fountains at LaQua at Tokyo Dome complex

Tokyo skyline from 23rd floor of Tokyo Dome Hotel 

Teahouse in Gion district (famous for Geisha) in Kyoto

Learning how to read a Japanese newspaper

Welcome committee at Miyajima island

Fun moments:

Trees protected against weather damage at Nijo castle

Looking at reason why 'nightingale' floor sings

Reason why nightingale floor sings

Sad moments:

Peace Museum Park and Atomic Dome

Thousands of origami cranes at Children's Peace memorial

Food moments:

Lunch in the Tatami room at Japanese restaurant in Kyoto

Pancake restaurant, 6th floor of building in Kyoto 

Having pancakes with friends in Japanese pancake restaurant

12 course Japanese style banquet

First of 12 courses, includes shark fin jelly and tofu

Another course of sashimi

Casserole cooking slowly on table - great for cooking sashimi in

Food cooking at the table, one of twelve courses

Momiji with chestnuts - really yummy!

Demonstration on how to cook momiji's

Best Moment:

 Waking up to see sun rising over Mount Fuji from my bedroom 


  1. Annelize, reminds me of my trip to Kyoto about 20 years ago. Marvellous! And great photos!

  2. Thank you, nice to get some feedback ;-)