Monday, 18 February 2013

Off to Rome next

Half term this week for my littlest one and the two of us are off to Rome tomorrow morning.  I have spent days working out our itinerary, and have finally worked out where we should be going.  As we are only in Rome for a few days (coming back on Friday) there is no way we are going to see anything like as much as I would like to see, so we are going to just enjoy the things we can do and safe the rest for other trips.  After all, Rome was not built in one day!
We were hoping to go to the Vatican, we still might be able to, but as the pope has announced his intention to resign last week, we are expecting lots of officials here and it might just be too busy.
I have to confess  that I have spent a considerable amount of time on the internet  researching quilting in Italy and in particular in Rome.  I have managed to find some impressive shops (albeit not exclusively patchwork) that sells fabulous fabrics and plan on making a trip to at least one if not two of these.
I will report back when I am back home! Luckily my youngest loves fabric too :-)
The weather forecast for Rome is good, it will probably be a bit warmer than in UK, where there is more snow forecast for this week.
Also, I have today achieve 750 views, I am so happy and also very pleased that I have had so much interest in this blog.  Thank you to everyone who has had a look!

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