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Quilt tops ….before trip to Indonesia

Quilt tops ….

Why the heading "Quilt tops"? Well, before I got my HQ, I had a pile of quilt tops, always delaying the quilting while I stitched and pieced the next quilt.  Now I seem to never have enough tops to quilt!  When I have finished one quilt, I can't wait to get the next one loaded onto the HQ and have even resorted to just loading a plain piece of fabric on the HQ just so that I can do some quilting when I didn't have a quilt top ready. Is that possible?  Well yes, and I decided to do something about it.  So this month, while my HQ was in sick bay for 2 weeks (timing issues, which are now thankfully sorted out) I started cutting out my next 4 quilt tops (4 because my Husky was having a service at the same time -and no, I did not plan it this way!)
I did make up for not being able to sew for 2 weeks though and stitched two more quilt tops and these are now waiting for quilt design inspiration:

These are the blocks from the first quilt:

Most of the fabrics are from the Stonehenge range by Northcott.  I used a solid black for the triangles around the centres and the centre blocks of both block designs are in a mottled autumn brown. The pattern is called "Texas Star" and is by "Whirligig designs".  I am still waiting for inspiration on how to quilt this top, but love that there are large open spaces for quilting, not so sure about the blocks...    

Now how to quilt it?

The second quilt is called "Kleintyd by Ouma", which translated means "Childhood with grandma".
I have called it this as my earliest memories were of staying over at my grandma's house where the curtains in her lounge were in a rich red floral print chintz.  There was a rose hedge all around the front garden and Ouma's favourite colour was red. I was given the most lovely soft red brushed cotton  pyjamas with little rosebuds embroidered all around the yoke when I stayed here and Oupa gave me my breakfast every morning which was homemade rusks dipped in steamy hot coffee made with condensed milk. Ouma sadly is no more, but she has played a huge role in my life and I dedicate this quilt to Ouma.
The piecing is an uncomplicated design, but I plan to make it very special with the quilting design.

Kleintyd by Ouma

Trip to Indonesia

During November, I will be away for 3 weeks as my lovely hubby and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on 29th October.  We will be doing an expedition cruise starting in Singapore and stopping along the way at several islands in Indonesia before flying home from Cairns in Australia.  I am not sure how much sewing I will get done during the trip, but I am planning on taking my Dutch Treat project with me.  At least it will keep me busy during the long flights!  I  managed to stitch 26 blocks during October, so I am way ahead of my target now.  These are all the blocks I have done so far, the pile is nicely growing (grin):

Only 123 to go

I have however just realised that the piece of fabric I had set aside for the border, is no longer, as I have used it for a background piece on my hexagon quilt, forgetting that I have not yet cut out the pieces for the border, so in next week I will go back to the shop where I bought it from and hopefully they will still have some, otherwise I will need to rethink my border.  Does anyone make notes of where they bought each piece of fabric? And will it be any use, as undoubtedly, should you run short,  by the time you have discovered this, the line will be sold out and discontinued?  Note to self…cut all the pieces out at the start of the project so you can get the shortfall while it is still available. Unless of course you are just buying a piece because it will become a piece of fabric to be stored with other stash and to be looked at occasionally.
On this note, I bought some lovely fabric in Borneo on our trip there at Easter, not for stash!!!  I have still not used it, but I have plans for it.  Watch this space ….

Fabric sold  with a second smaller piece,  meant for a sarong and a scarf 

These are sold as fabric panels for making sarongs, but I have other plans for them

One of the expedition guest lecturers  on our cruise is Kim Jane Saunders, author of "Contemporary Tie and Dye Textiles in Indonesia", sounds like a kindred spirit to me.   I am hoping we will be visiting some fabric shops so that I can support the local economy  and come and advertise on their behalf. (LOL)

Happy Halloween everyone

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