Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Want to win a quilt?

When I had just started this blog, it was to really start to record what I am doing and build up a timeline.   I thought I might get the odd interest and maybe all the rellies will be looking at it. After the first month, I had just under 300 views and I was so excited.  I thought I would have a huge  celebration when I have reached 1000 views, but then I missed it and did not pay too much attention to how many viewers I had as I was struggling to organise my time efficiently between spending time with family, going on holidays and trips, still keeping up the stitching and doing lots of courses.  (I have discovered the joy of tutorials on Craftsy and so many many more on You Tube and can safely say I have become a bit of a tutorial junkie).
Then when I updated my last blog, I had a look at all my settings as I am thinking of  updating my profile and to my surprise there were 4,996 views (my own excluded).  I could hardly believe it, but kept my fingers crossed and wondered if it would reach 5,000 without another update. It did and now I am celebrating!


Everybody who leaves a comment from now on, on my blog, until I have reached 10,000 views, will be entered into a draw to win a quilt.  The quilt will be made by me and quilted by me, it will be a double size quilt  and I will post updates on the blog with photos of the progress of the quilt.  The quilt will  be delivered by myself,  if this is possible, or posted out by secure post.  Should the quilt incur import taxes, I will however not be responsible for that. I will announce the winner of the quilt on this blog within a month of reaching 10,000 views.
Thank you to everyone who has so far showed an interest in the blog, I do hope you will come back to see what other projects I am working on.


  1. Hi Annelize, ek hoop jy bereik jou doelwit! Soos die spreekwoord sê: Go big or go home. Ek wens jou alle sukses toe....

  2. Hi Dalene,
    Dankie vir jou goeie wense. Jy is nommer 1, as jy die enigste een is wat gaan "comment', gaan jy n quilt kry :-)

  3. I put you in my favorites so I can see what you're up to~as I've said before it's just fun to look and study what you've done!

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  5. Thank you, but I will need a name if you are to be entered into the draw

  6. Would love to win a quilt! Congratulations on your blog.

  7. Just looking at your quilts is amazing! Owning one would be a dream!